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  • Crowdsource when Times are Good

    09.11.2012 by 
    It's a crowdsourced world. Be sure to enlist the people at the right time for optimal success.
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  • The CEO Must Take Branding Back

    08.23.2012 by 
    Often, CEOs delegate branding decisions solely to the marketing department without taking an active role, instead tending to financial or operational affairs. In doing so, they risk committing one of the most underreported business blunders of our time.
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  • Online Video: Not Just for the Right Brain Anymore.

    07.02.2012 by 
    The case for including video in your marketing strategy is no longer a right brain vs. left brain conundrum. The numbers are too compelling now.
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  • Is it Really Time to Shut Down the Malls?

    05.21.2012 by 
    Although smartphones usage is growing and dynamically changing how we integrate mobile into the marketing plan, it does not suggest that retail is dead.
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  • Siri puts a second S in SEO part 2

    04.27.2012 by 
    In part one of this series, we discussed the phenomenon of intelligent digital agents, and their significance in the future of our computing experience. In this second installment we’ll discuss ways to start incorporating mobile thinking into your SEO strategy. Tips on how to Optimize SEO for Siri: 1) Tailor Keywords and Metadata to Natural Language. Think about [...]
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