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    Getting to the Heart of Business Strategy

    12.13.2011 by 
    During a time when each monetary decision, especially in business, is more heavily scrutinized than the last, the creation of a strategic vision is of the utmost importance. Business strategy provides a methodology that should be used to effectively complete any project.
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    Re-examining Our Image of the Black Friday Shopper

    12.02.2011 by 
    We think today’s Black Friday Shopper is very different from what we saw on ABC and NBC News. She is a smart, mobile-savvy, well-researched consumer who seeks value based on real information and the opinions of the people and brands that she trusts. Let's take a look at the Real Black Friday Shopper.
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    Gamification & The Brussels Sprouts Dynamic

    11.22.2011 by 
    It’s a time tested solution to an age old problem: Make it fun and people are more likely to participate. Whether your goal is to get customers to use their loyalty cards more often, to visit your bricks and mortar locations, or simply to participate in your survey, applying the principles of gamification to your marketing programs may be a great way to generate lift.
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    Merchant Funded Rewards Programs Still Require Direct Response Fundamentals

    11.15.2011 by 
    Merchant funded loyalty programs are a growing loyalty strategy, enabling financial institutions to share the burden of loyalty program costs with merchants.
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    CMOs are taking a page from CTO and CIO playbook

    11.08.2011 by 
    With the latest economic news, CTOs and CIOs are once again seeking opportunities for short term cost savings. Outsourcing critical services to specialized vendors has been a favorite strategy of the CIO under pressure to reduce costs and improve service. Now CMOs are looking to steal a page from their business team rivals. Progressive [...]
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