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    Trellist Founder and CEO David Atadan offers advice to veterans looking to start a business

    11.11.2016 by 
    David Atadan
    In this short video, Founding Partner, CEO and United States Veteran David Atadan provides inspiration and advice to other Veterans considering starting their own business. Click Read Post to watch the video.
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    The Gmail Effect: Making the Case for Social Media Promotion

    10.19.2016 by 
    Neil Dougherty


    Email marketing isn't dead, but the Inbox sure is flooded. So much so that Gmail now pushes promotional content out of the primary Inbox. All the more reason to experiment with targeted social media marketing with reach and ROI that rivals email campaigns.
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    7 Pros and Cons of Instagram Stories for Brands

    09.22.2016 by 
    Elyse Altiere
    Stories is Instagram’s newest feature – and it does a lot of the same things Snapchat does. Learn about the pros and cons of using Stories for your brand.
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    Better SharePoint User Adoption through Design

    06.07.2016 by 
    Jennifer Kenderdine
    SharePoint’s look and feel out of the box and can often leave much to be desired, leading to low adoption rates across an enterprise. What differentiates a SharePoint site that is hard to navigate and underutilized from one that truly impacts collaboration and productivity is great design and user interface/user experience (UI/UX) work.
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    • Branding + Marketing

    Six Keys to Developing Customer Persona Profiles

    04.28.2016 by 
    John Miller
    Identifying customer personas, and cataloguing the insights associated with them, is essential for targeting marketing and sales efforts in the most efficient and productive way possible. It prepares the business to most appropriately appeal to its prospective customers. Here are the six essentials to successfully developing buyer personas for any business.
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