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  • Whitepapers, eBooks, Sell Sheets, and Case Studies. When and How to Use Them

    03.01.2016 by 
    John Miller
    Is there any confusion in your organization about whitepapers, eBooks, sell sheets and case studies, what they are and how to use them? In case there is, let’s review: Whitepapers Whitepapers provide authoritative examinations of specific topics or, similarly, an in-depth explanation of an organization’s philosophy on a given topic.
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  • 5 Questions Your Business Strategy Should Answer

    01.20.2016 by 
    Lori Palmer
    When a business strategy is actionable, employees will be able to see the connectivity of their own work with the strategy, have the right tools and resources to meet objectives, and be trained on any new systems or platforms. We've got the five key questions you should answer to develop a strategy that is actually actionable.
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  • Think Like a Journalist to Reap the Benefits of Content Marketing

    01.11.2016 by 
    John Miller
    For businesses accustomed to traditional marketing approaches, a shift to content marketing is not always easy. Great content marketing efforts require a somewhat different mindset — that of a journalist. A journalist’s approach to audience and storytelling provides a useful model for content marketers. Three aspects of journalism are particularly useful for organizations to adopt if they want to make their content marketing initiatives successful.
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  • REI #OptOutside Blazes New Trails on Black Friday

    12.21.2015 by 
    Chris Wallace
    In a move that scuttles retail dogma, all 143 REI locations were closed on Black Friday 2015 with a message to get outside and enjoy nature. This move speaks to an emerging corporate ethos that places the values of customers ahead of short-term dollars, focusing instead on brand integrity and lifetime value of the customer. We've used social technologies to analyze if this major business decision was a smart one.
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  • Innovating Loyalty Rewards with Wearable Tech

    12.21.2015 by 
    Primus Poppiti
    It was only a matter of time until the trendy wearable tech we use to monitor our daily activities started to impact our shopping carts. Just as Philosopher Alain de Lille is quoted as saying that, “one thousand roads lead men forever to Rome,” so do one thousand Fitbits and Jawbones lead companies in the healthcare industry to better consumer insight data. In this case, though, the consumer is actually benefiting, and you can too.
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