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    Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 as a Learning Ecosystem

    07.29.2015 by 
    Susan Lovejoy-Storment
    Organizations can benefit from using Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 as an environment for learning curriculum.
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    • Branding + Marketing

    Five Ancient Secrets to Impactful Public Relations

    07.03.2015 by 
    Bryan Evans
    If you dig deep enough, you’ll find some interesting clues from the past that mirror what an effective public relations strategy should look like today. Want proof? We've got five essentials to successful public relations efforts that began in ancient times.
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    10 Ways Social Listening Can Help Your Business

    05.13.2015 by 
    Neil Dougherty
    Looking for a competitive edge or ways to improve your customer service? You might be surprised to learn what social listening can do for your business.
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    Corporate Storytelling: Coming to Your Emotional Rescue [As seen on Content Marketing Insider]

    04.10.2015 by 
    John Miller
    Too often, marketing departments put their noses down into spreadsheets, and lose the emotional aspect of what they're trying to do. And that is automatically limiting; because emotion, not numbers, is the gasoline that fuels marketing awesomeness.
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    46 Million Reasons to Pay Attention to Omnichannel

    04.07.2015 by 
    David Michaluk
    Sprinklr – the world’s most complete enterprise social technology – just announced a whopping $46 million in new funding. We're sharing this significant news because it corroborates the increasingly important role of omnichannel as an integrated marketing and technology strategy.
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