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  • 46 Million Reasons to Pay Attention to Omnichannel

    04.07.2015 by 
    David Michaluk
    Sprinklr – the world’s most complete enterprise social technology – just announced a whopping $46 million in new funding. We're sharing this significant news because it corroborates the increasingly important role of omnichannel as an integrated marketing and technology strategy.
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  • Can HALO and Master Chief save Microsoft and Internet Explorer?

    03.24.2015 by 
    David Michaluk
    Microsoft has killed off Internet Explorer. Where will they turn for branding their new browser? Here's our predictions.
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  • 6 Considerations Before You Build A Mobile App

    03.20.2015 by 
    Primus Poppiti
    If your organization is forward-thinking, it’s very likely considering deploying a mobile app to better reach customers. However, it’s important to stop for a moment and think strategically.
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  • SharePoint 2013 Delivers Data to Any Device

    12.12.2014 by 
    Jennifer Kenderdine
    Mobile device use is increasing at a staggering rate. People are more connected than ever, and by 2018, Internet traffic from wireless and mobile devices will surpass traffic from wired devices. Because of this, IT architects must consider all of these mobile devices and their users when planning environments that will deliver and exchange critical business data.
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  • How Content Marketing Fuels The New Buyer’s Journey

    11.10.2014 by 
    John Miller
    In today's digital buying and selling enviornment, content fuels The New Buyer's Journey.
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