• Building Your 1:1 Marketing Playbook

    2.16.2018 by 
    • Gavin Garrison
    this is a graphic outlining the marketing playbook for your customers
    One-to-one marketing, personalization, segmentation, hypertargeting, consumer-first marketing—whatever it’s called, the goals of nearly every marketing strategy are virtually the same: to understand customers as individuals, reach them on their terms, and communicate in a way that makes them feel like they are interacting one-to-one with your brand and its products and services.
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  • Making Web Content Accessible to People with Disabilities

    4.17.2013 by 
    • Gavin Garrison
    making web content ADA compliant
    Making electronic information accessible to those with disabilities involves fine-tuning interactive information with specific best-practice design and coding methodologies.
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  • Brevity Remains Best

    5.12.2011 by 
    • Gavin Garrison
    If I had more time, I would have written you a shorter blog post. That’s my twist on a famous quote credited to everyone from Mark Twain to Voltaire (replace “blog post” with “letter” for the original version). Regardless of who actually said it, the idea is sublimely important. It does require more effort to [...]
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