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  • How to Deploy a Corporate Digital Strategy Without Turning Your Business Upside Down

    08.24.2017 by 
    Lori Palmer
    Corporate Digital Strategy for a B2B Enterprise
    How does a manufacturing organization deploy a corporate digital strategy without turning its business upside down? Where is the best place to start? How long will this take and what’s the price tag? How much revenue lift can I expect? At Trellist, we get asked these questions on a frequent basis from our clients. The answer, as you probably expect, is “it depends.”
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  • Setting the Foundations: Why Discovery Matters

    08.03.2017 by 
    Kris Kuss & Marc Icasiano
    The case for a robust discovery process before beginning design/development projects: Imagine a house that’s beautiful from the outside but, once you cross the threshold, you find the floorplan is all wrong, the rooms are too small, and the windows are too high to reach. It takes time and thought to develop the layout and “experience” of those interiors so that they meet the expectations and needs of the people who enter. No matter how spectacular the exterior is, if the internal experience doesn’t deliver, the whole thing is a failure.
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  • Three Ways to Connect With a Millennial Customer Base

    05.05.2017 by 
    Claire Concowich
    Millennials are a growing segment of consumers—making up more than a quarter of the US population—thus forcing marketers to change their game in order to stay ahead. They’ve completely reshaped the marketplace. Check out some of our best tips for keeping up with these 83.1 million consumers:
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  • 3 Visual Design Techniques That Drive User Journeys

    04.26.2017 by 
    Marc Icasiano
    A big mistake that people make when creating websites is that they separate the visual design efforts from the UX (User Experience) and content development. They see visual design as putting paint on a finished piece of pottery—something you do at the end to make it look pretty. This approach is missing the power that visual design has to engage users with a website’s narrative.
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  • LinkedIn Gets a Facelift

    02.17.2017 by 
    Elyse Altiere
    LinkedIn recently got a fresh new look. The social networking site says it’s the largest redesign since its inception. The company hopes users will find the new design more intuitive and easier to use. LinkedIn claims users were apparently “overwhelmed” by the old design.
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